Organisational Change

Create a workplace and organisation structure where people will thrive

Making changes to your organisation and worried you might say or do the wrong thing? Need an extra pair of hands to get the 'people stuff' right?

We're here to help you successfully navigate the human side of mergers and acquisitions, TUPE, restructures, and reorganisations. 

We make things easier for you, not harder

“Andrew hit the ground running and unlike many other HR consultants who can often create more work for the team, he lightened our workload. We are undoubtedly better off as a business having worked together and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Spark Company to others.”

Sophie Harper
Chief People and Communications Officer

Opportunities to Grow

Is something blocking performance in your teams or organisation but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

  • Perhaps you’re feeling that there are opportunities to breakdown silos and improve communication, collaboration and connections across your organisation. If so, you are not alone.
  • As organisations grow, adapt and change as they try to quickly respond to customer needs, elements of ‘dysfunction’ and ‘failure demand’ can creep in.
  • This means that a structure that worked several years ago may have served you well but you also recognise that it’s time for some change.
  • This where we can help by designing out aspects of dysfunction without sacrificing what you are doing well

Organisation Design

Restructures don’t have to be painful

  • Restructure, Redesign, Reorganisation, Redeployment and Redundancy – 5 words that can often seem daunting or scary. They don’t have to be.
  • We’ll combine our experience with your knowledge of your team (and customers) to help you to create a scalable and sustainable organisation structure.
  • We’ll guide you and your team through the human side of organisational change with empathy and pragmatism
  • Everything we do together is designed to increase productivity and performance at all levels

Improving HR

Get your HR Team firing on all cylinders

  • Make the most of your investment in your HR (or People) Team and your in-house talent, skills and experience.
  • Your HR team are the experts at enabling and empowering managers to deliver the business plan for your customers.
  • You can bring us in to work in alongside your HR Team, to upskill them to become true business partners.
  • We will give your HR Team the tools and confidence to do things differently, to say ‘yes’ to the things that support your goals and say ‘no’ to things that don't.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Make light work of TUPE Transfers

  • Mergers and Acquisitions are exciting and complex but it is vital that you don’t let your incoming or existing employees and teams be an afterthought.
  • Put your people at the heart of decision-making and avoid the costs of getting a TUPE transfer wrong.
  • We will work in partnership with you and your team to make mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships as smooth and as engaging as possible.
  • After all, you want to put your best foot forward when you meet your new team

Does the thought of making changes to your organisation leave you feeling worried, anxious or even a little scared?

Need to make structural changes in your organisation and wondering about how you’ll keep your team informed, engaged and motivated? You’re not alone. Managing organisational change, complying with employment regulations and clear communication, can be complex.

If you need help, support, reassurance and a HR Consultancy you can rely on to guide you through the human-side of change, we’re here for you.