Leadership and Teamwork

Transform your team’s performance and build resilience through self-aware leadership

Research shows less than half of managers are prepared for future challenges.

To build effective teams and resilient leaders, organisations need to equip leaders to deal with ever-increasing uncertainty and volatility.

High performance starts with effective leadership

Your managers are the greatest connection you have with your workforce and if you don’t invest in leadership, you can’t expect high levels of productivity and performance – and you definitely can’t expect to retain your most talented people.

Invest in Leadership

Transform team performance by developing your leaders

  • If you are looking to improve employee engagement and transform the productivity and performance of your organisation, investing in your leaders and managers is possibly the best place to start.
  • By investing in manager capability, you’ll increase the likelihood of increased employee engagement, reduced absenteeism, higher levels of performance and productivity, greater innovation and a host of other benefits.

Bespoke to you

Benefit from practical tools for leaders at all levels

  • You know that leaders at different levels in your organisation require tailored support and learning opportunities.
  • We will create a bespoke Leadership and Teamwork Programme enabling you to deliver your strategy and achieve your objectives.
  • You can expect practical workshops and development opportunities with learning that can be applied immediately.
  • We work with leaders at all levels from the Executive Leadership Team, senior managers and line managers through to aspiring leaders.

A safe space for leaders to flourish

“From the very first meeting I had with Andrew he felt like part of our team and not an external consultant. He went on to lead on our management training using the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and is an amazing facilitator, allowing for everyone to participate and get the most out of each session.

He creates a fun and safe environment to allow effective collaboration and thought sharing. I would always recommend Andrew's services."

Angela Shott
Head of Operations

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Safe space

Create a workplace where everyone succeeds

  • Create an environment where people aren’t just equal and feel included…although that’s a start!
  • Your leaders will feel empowered to truly celebrate your differences and positively role model a more respectful and productive way of working
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion are the start, this is about belonging.

Better results

Learning focused on business outcomes and personal growth

  • You want your leaders to be the best and we’re here to help you make that happen.
  • Organisations with highly engaged and strong performers are more than twice as likely to report growth in sales and profitability vs. those with low performance and engagement.
  • Unlock these benefits – through your leaders:

Better leaders create better businesses and change working lives

Fed up of the off-the-shelf or 'sheep dip' approach to training and development? We bring a unique approach to Leadership and Team Effectiveness, and we design programmes around what your business needs.

If your organisation is ready to invest in your leaders and teams, get in touch for a friendly chat about how we can help.