Confidential HR Investigation

Resolve sensitive workplace issues quickly, before they fester and make things worse

Overcome sensitive issues in your team and avoid costly employment tribunal claims against you – with the help of an impartial and efficient investigator

Why conduct a confidential investigation?

There are some situations in the workplace that are best approached confidentially and objectively by an independent body. For example, if you are facing a complex grievance or an alleged wrongdoing by a senior manager (or even a director), you are probably going to need help to put things right.


Address your employee’s concerns before they get worse

  • Nothing hits team performance quite like poor leadership or a toxic employee.
  • It's much worse when behaviours go unaddressed and are allowed to fester.
  • Whether it’s a grievance, a disciplinary matter or alleged wrongdoing, it is important you treat all allegations seriously.
  • Act quickly to understand what has happened and how you can put things right.


Get an independent view

  • Hiring the help of an independent specialist gives you, and any other related parties, reassurance that the investigation is being carried out without bias or prejudice.
  • Bear in mind that if you are tempted to conduct an investigation using internal resources, biases or individual concerns may prevent your investigation from being seen to be carried out fairly.
  • An independent view is particularly helpful when members of your senior management are accused of wrongdoing.


Avoid a costly employment tribunal

  • If you fail to investigate competently it could lead to further complaints or even an employment tribunal claim.
  • Remember: an employment tribunal has the power to increase any compensation by up to 25% if you fail to follow a fair process.
  • It makes sense to hire an external and independent confidential investigator at the outset – someone who can get investigate in a balanced, objective and efficient manner.
  • Act now before the conflict escalates further, before you reach the point of no return.


Stop the drain on your energy, time and resources

  • It’s almost inevitable a significant investigation will drain your time, your managers’ time and your colleagues’ time.
  • It’s not only physical resources, an in-house investigation takes your focus and energyaway from the day job.
  • You can stay focused on your customers and your team by bringing in an external and independent investigator.
  • Save time and money later, by getting things right now.


Stay in control of your budget

  • You can rely on us to work to an ‘all inclusive’ and fixed budget that’s clear and transparent from the start
  • There are no hidden charges so you’ll never get that ‘batteries not included’ feeling.
  • We will give you regular updates about our progress so that you’ll never be out of the loop.


Get relationships back on track ASAP

  • Ultimately you want to put things right, to get your team back on track and focused on your customers.
  • You don’t want to waste time worrying about grievances, disciplinaries or allegations of wrongdoing.
  • Your investment in us for your confidential investigation can also include lessons learned and immediate changes you can make that could have a big impact on your business.

Need the support of a specialist HR investigator?

Whether you need to conduct a confidential investigation or have any other concerns relating to the people and culture of your organisation, we're here to help. Get in touch for a friendly and confidential chat.