HR Consultancy Services

When it comes to the most complex people challenges, we help organisations transform productivity and performance.

Strategic Review

Find the key to unlock the full potential of your people

  • Achieve better business outcomes through a Strategic Review (aka Diagnostic) of your People and Culture
  • Identify and understand what’s blocking your progress, what makes you great and the areas that you can improve
  • Gain insight with your bespoke report and tailored action plan
  • Take action to boost communication, collaboration and accountability
  • Unleash untapped productivity and performance potential across your business

Organisational Change

Create a workplace and organisation structure where people will thrive

  • Your organisation structure has served you well but perhaps now it’s holding you back?
  • Seize opportunities to breakdown silos and improve communication, collaboration and connections.
  • Future-proof your business and create a scalable and sustainable organisation structure.
  • Maximise employee engagement and minimise legal risks.
  • Make changes to improve productivity and performance, with both empathy and pragmatism.

Leadership and Team Effectiveness

Lead the way to improved productivity and performance

  • Transform the productivity and performance of individuals and teams through self-aware leadership
  • Bespoke options for your Executives, Leadership Team, Senior Managers, Line Managers and aspiring Team Leaders
  • Gain confidence through workshops and development opportunities
  • Deliver practical learning that can be applied immediately
  • Unlock the benefits of greater revenue and profitability, improved customer service, better team retention and greater levels of engagement

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Fulfil your potential with a truly personal approach to coaching

  • Understand how your talents can be applied to achieve your goals
  • Look at the way you behave and how you impact others around you
  • Explore your blind spots and figure-out how to bring out the best in your team
  • Work more effectively in an increasingly complex and uncertain world
  • Find a way to set shared priorities, reduce conflict and achieve your goals

Confidential HR Investigation

Resolve sensitive workplace issues quickly, before they fester and make things worse

  • Overcome sensitive issues in your team
  • Avoid costly employment tribunal claims against you
  • Get help from an independent, impartial and efficient investigator
  • Do right by your people and quickly put things right when they’ve gone wrong
  • Protect yourself and your organisation from the risk of a botched investigation